Webshow with Chris & Susan

“Using Video for Traffic & Leads”

This week we hosted the training on using video for traffic and leads and covered why we believe that online video is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get traffic.

We’ve been fans of video since 2005 and saw the potential of this for our clients (we were running our own consultancy business helping small businesses at the time) but it was just way to early and most people thought we were mad!  And then Google bought YouTube ….. we knew we were on the right track and video has played an important part in our branding, relationship building and now our live webshow and product – The Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit (over the shoulder video training)

We did a live demo over at YouTube using our training channel to give you the insider secrets on setting up and optimising your channel and the ‘golden nuggets’ most people miss when uploading their videos

All of this information will give you a huge advantage in your business for getting more traffic and leads and staying ahead of the game.

We had a bit of a glitch with the live demo but we recorded it again so you have all the info you need and can go back and look at it

Chris and Susan TV Live Training WebshowWatch the Replay Here

We also uploaded the slides which are here

More Sales & More Leads With Video

If  you are ready to go to to the next level and want learn how to rank your videos on page one of YouTube and Google just like us GO HERE, submit a call back form and put “Video Results” in the ‘best time to call’ box and we’ll give you the details

YouTube Channel Tips from Social Media Examiner


We were asked questions about what cameras to use for shooting video ets so here is a list of some of the equipment you might want to use

Video Recording

Kodak ( Zi10) < £200

Panasonic GH2 with 14/140 video lens  >£1,000

Logitech Webcam C910 HD < £60

Iphone 4S

You will need to have an external microphone for the best results as this gives much better audio quality and audio in your videos really counts.  We get ours from Maplins


Light Boxes

We got our light  boxes from Smick







You can buy rolls of photographic paper to pin up on a wall in all different colours – we use white but with different colours you can get different effects – black works well too.


We use a Velbon Tripod and you can get them at all different prices from £20 upwards – we have a lightweight one we take with us for shooting on location and the heavyweight one we keep in our office studio.

Professional Video Shoot

We would recommend John Langridge – he has a studio in Newtown which is just outside Gatwick and has a fantastic set up.  We have used him for many of our videos.  In fact we were shooting our Opt In Video with him just before the webshow.

If you want to take your video marketing to the next level then we recommend that you contact Tom Breeze and Andy Frain at Video Results

We hope you enjoyed the training and would love to have your feedback on our Facebook Page

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  1. Andrew Clark says:

    Excellent article thanks.

    And yes OK – You’re right. We need a video.

    (I will speak to I.T.)

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